Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match Ps4

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Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match 

PlayStation 4

Physical Edition

Works on all systems sold worldwide, a correct regional account may be required for online features.

Version: Japan

Customizable Tanks! Online Battles with Up to 10 Players!

In addition to full-blown control of your tank, where the tank tread and gun turret are controlled separately, exhilarating andGirls und Panzer-esque actions such as drifting and dashing are also possible. You can also customize tanks to your liking through tank customization. Choose the colors and decals of your tank yourself, and head into battle with an original tank all your own.

Additionally, this game is equipped with an online battle mode that supports five-versus-five battles for a total of 10 players in a battle at once.

Online multiplayer requires PlayStation Plus.

A Post Morem-Style Story Mode

A post mortem-style original story mode where the girls, including each school’s commanding officer, look back on and explain the battles that unfolded in the Girls und Panzer movie.

For each situation, you can enjoy the perspectives of the members who participated in that battle.

Additionally, since this story gathers up the girls from each school, many characters will appear in the interlude scenarios one after the other. These are fully voiced interlude scenarios where you can enjoy things like discussions between characters not often seen, and are a must-see for Girls und Panzer fans.


  • The Commanders of Each School - In Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match, you can play as over 30 types of tanks. Additionally, the nine commanders of each school have also been made into 3D models, and you can play with them leaning out of the tank
  • Experience Famous Matches with Your Own Hands - Play the stage of that famous battle from the movie!
  • Online Matches - Through online matches, you can battle with impossible situations not in the TV anime or movie
  • Ooarai Reproduced - Freely run around a stage themed after the city of Ooarai. Have tank matches at those places you saw in the TV anime!

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